075 // Duncan Gray

"Duncan Gray came here to woo/Ha, ha, the wooin o't!/On blythe Yule night when we were fou/Ha, ha, the wooin o't!" - This small excerpt from the poem written by Robert Burns (1759–1796) is more than suitable to introduce the Duncan Gray we care about: The owner of Tici taci, one of the most respected Nu Disco labels in Europe.

After two and a half decades of music production, Duncan Gray is primarily known as founder and owner of tici taci records – established in 2013 and now with a back catalogue of over 50 releases. In the ’90s and ’00s Duncan was involved with numerous labels and musical projects, working with a wide range of artists including Dylan Rhymes and Meat Katie.

In 1997 he formed Sons of Slough with Ian Weatherall – The Sons were a formidable Live act bringing their blend of electro and techno to numerous dancefloors well before the age of “laptop Live” shows. With a residency at London’s Turnmills, the Sons ended up releasing on a variety of labels including Skint, Electrix, and Whole9Yards.

His solo productions have been supported by such diverse DJs as James Lavelle, Andrew Weatherall, Nick Warren and even Boy George. Andrew Weatherall was instrumental in helping Duncan start tici taci, and Duncan has played the guitar on a bunch of Andrew’s remixes over the years.

He’s remixed AW as well as other notable names such as Red Snapper, Yothu Yindi, and Chicken Lips. He’s DJ’d all over Europe, the US (including Burning Man way back in 2000), and even Australia. His first solo album (2017’s “The Malcontent”) showed off his diverse production chops and yielded a successful collaboration with Sarah Rebecca in the shape of “Erotica Nervosa”.

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