085 // DiscoDaze

As everyone knows, dinosaurs love to boogie. And oh, boy! We missed a proper Disco Music set! Made by the specialist DiscoDaze, this exclusive mixtape will make you wish the '70s were back!

Born in Waterford, Ireland, DiscoDaze started DJing in 95 and producing around 98 but took a long break in 2000. Got back into production around 2008 and DJing around 2015. His tracks were released on many of the most influential Disco/Nu Disco labels such as Hot Digits Music, Masterworks Music, Spa In Disco, Thunder Jam Records, Deep Sense, Alpaca Edits, Situationism & Particle Zoo Recordings.

His influences? Simple: Everything from House to Disco to Deep House to Funk to Indie Rock to basically anything that makes a noise and sounds good. He likes to listen to music as old as the 1940s/50s all the way up to current releases.

His first release break for Deep Sense, a Mexican label back in 2015 on their 2nd Voyage compilation, was highly acclaimed. He wrote a full-length album in 2011 under the name Jax-Urh and wrote the full-length Colours Squared album under his own name in 2016, which included the track “Stay With Me” (a collaboration with Get Down Edits with Rachael Moore Kennedy on vocals). He started out producing with Daz from Get Down Edits after they completed a sound technology course back in 1998. They hit the top spot on Juno Disco Charts in February 2018 with Making Music EP.

He played gigs in Ireland, UK (including Brighton Pride with Fingerman, Get Down Edits & Jay Ru) and was also invited to the north coast of Egypt in July 2018 to play a 5-hour set in a club literally next to the sandy beaches overlooking the Meditteranean.

DiscoDaze Radio started in July 2017 when he decided there was room in Ireland for a proper Disco & House show each week.

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