086 // Jarle Bråthen

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jarle Bråthen! The Berlin-based Norwegian DJ and producer provided a delicious mixtape for our series. The concoction of different sounds he ingeniously amassed can be boldly - but not pretentiously - described as "all you need to hear today".

Jarle Bråthen is a DJ, producer and curator in the realm of Nordic Disco and House. After finishing his degree in “Electronic Music Production and Performance”, JB is currently situated in Berlin, where he DJs at different venues such as Crack Bellmer and Salon Zur Wilden Renate. He also runs his monthly residency called “FjernstYrt” at Kreuzberg’s hidden gem Bohnengold. In addition to DJing, he spends a vast amount of time in the studio producing music.

JB is half of the duo “Ytre Rymden Dansskola” who have released several 12” vinyl and a full-length album on Prins Thomas label Full Pupp. Among other things, they produced the track “Head first Then heart” by Flowers and Sea Creatures on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly. Since 2007 JB has released solo tracks and now with previous releases on Correspondant, Luv Shack and Midnight Riot/ISM, the pipeline is getting fuller with upcoming releases on Walking Disco, Bogota and Beatservice.

JB’s inspiration comes from the classic Italo Disco, ’80s and ’70s styles. He re-interprets this era together with his Norwegian cultural background throwing the audience 30 years back but keeping the contemporary musical intention of this century.

Also check out JB’s “FjernstYrt” Radio Show, 1st Friday of the month on Deepvibes.co.uk

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