088 // Csk

Italian DJ and producer Csk has been "fighting the good fight" for quite some time now. A veteran who has never lost the eagerness for new sounds, especially when it comes to selecting new tracks to release on his label.

Italian Csk (aka Cisky) has been a producer since 1991. His first label was the ‘Action 4 Action’ (M.C.E.), then other labels have printed on vinyl some of his house and techno productions like ‘The Party’, in 1994, released by Who’s Di Selecta. He started DJing at Italian clubs in 1987, after many years he now dedicates himself to growing and spreading the sound of his labels Csk:Beat and Dogmatraxxx. The Dog.ma project was created together with Paolo Soncini in 2006 and it’s more electronic than the pure House/Techno of Cisky.

In 2018 an interesting Csk track was released by the big label of Curses, Ombra International. Also Dog.ma has a new release on Ombra this year called ‘Warriors’. New upcoming collaborations with Dogs & Vultures, Maleante, Controlla, Ombra INTL and new releases for Csk:Beat by Guyd, Högt I Tak, Tiempo De Maldad, Alvee, Samuel Lupian and remixes by MAN2.0, Mindbender, Bad Wolf, Maicol Mayers and many others.

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