089 // Diaz Tech

Diaz Tech, another great Mexican talent to land in our series, prepared a delicious mixtape full of groove, yes, but also replete with the main characteristic of his productions and performances: Obscurity. Heavy basslines, distorted synths and acid layers established the mood.

With more than 15 years of career, Daniel Alberto aka Diaz Tech has been in constant evolution when it comes to his sonority without losing that obscure touch that characterizes each of his mixes and productions. His music is composed based on sounds both digital and analogic. Making the use of organic instruments and his own vocals, he recently established a new project with Veltran. They launched an EP on Controlla, the Ali X X Ximena’s label.

He has already shared decks with national and international artists and participated in many compilations and more than 16 albums – one of them reached in 2012 more than 32.000 plays on Soundcloud: Diaz Tech – Amazing (Chemical Surf Remix).

He has been featured in the best events of the south area of Tamaulipas and was a resident of Bar Dolores at Playa Del Carmen. Another highlight of his career includes his participation in the Sun Festival 2016 in which he performed along with some of the best artists of the e-music scene in Mexico.

He has been playing in various areas of the country such as Mexico DF, Puebla, Veracruz, Costa Esmeralda, Playa Del Carmen, Reynosa, Victoria, Toluca, Mérida, Cancún, Puerto Morelos, Tulum and Monterrey.

In 2017 he was integrated to the Disque Discos and Electrique Music, labels of Mijo and Eddy Mercury, two great DJs on the Mexican e-music scene. In 2018 he signed with Controlla and Phisica, which are highly influential House and Techno Mexican labels and very considered throughout the country. His forthcoming release will be launched on Platinum music. He also has releases on Tattva Music, Baroque Recs, 24 Hours Recs, Array Array, Uxoa Dutxa, Jet Alone, Forasteros, Red 33.

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