093 // Stefan Geyer & Jay Lauxen

We met Stefan Geyer & Jay Lauxen at an art & fashion event in Offenbach, Germany, and got delighted with their sonority. They were solicited and promptly provided an enticing and savoury selection for our delight.

Stefan Geyer & Jay Lauxen in their own words: “We met a couple of years ago when we were both playing records at a series of events hosted by mutual friends in the cellar of an internet café in Mainz, Germany. It wasn’t long until we noticed an overlap in our musical tastes and interests. We are both fans of Disco, Hip Hop and fusion sounds. After some time, we picked up a small regular gig playing music at a bar in Mainz, while also playing at occasional events in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. When we were asked to do a mix for SXDNS, it gave us a great reason to come together for a bottle of wine and a living room session at the sunset. Enjoy!”

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