094 // MOTEL77

Charp and Thoma Cher are the members of the duo Motel77. Solid artists of the Nu Disco scene, they explore their dark and cosmic influences in this still young but already consolidated project.

MOTEL77 is the new duo revealed by the infamous French label La Dame Noir. Behind that name, Thoma Cher & Charp, two DJs who have been key players in Shanghai underground scene for the last decade. They hold many years in residencies at several influential clubs in the city. While Charp has toured all over the main Asian clubs (Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hanoi), Thoma Cher released vinyl records on Nu Disco top labels and his first EP was charted in the best of 2017 of Juno Records. They came together last year to create MOTEL77, a Dark Disco act “for those who like to keep their leather jacket on the dance floor” (Trax Magazine 2018). Dark, deep, physical, but focused on groove. “A standout package of machine-made disco with a space edge”.

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