097 // Gnom

We have the pleasure of sharing this dazzling selection provided by Gnom, a French DJ/selector who never, never, never disappoints when it comes to the art of mixtaping.

Gnom is a hidden DJ/selector from Paris. His musical taste bloomed with the new wave scene back in the eighties. Seven years ago he moved from visual art to music and started recording his own mixes. Now his range goes from French Synthwave (with the “Parlez vous Français“ series) to the actual downtempo electro scene (from Nein to Emerald & Doreen Rec, for instance) to more analog wave sounds (with labels like Carisma, Waste, UPR, and many others). In 2018 he released a mix for Something Spaecial which brought a much wider audience to his experiments. Just recently, he had acclaimed participation on Camping Electronique 8TH Edition. For SXDNS he recorded a large selection of very different styles, his favourite exercise.

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