096 // Vitello Tornado

Another young German talent opens his vaults to our platform: Vitello Tornado has a broad and enviable record collection, and he hand-picked the darker and more obscure of his gems for this exclusive mixtape.

Vitello Tornado shows his dark energetic side on his mix for SXDNS.

Inspired by the Dutch music scene and the sounds originating from his hometown area Frankfurt/Offenbach, Vitello Tornado started to collect records at the age of 18. A few years after playing in several clubs and radio shows, he co-founded the Frankfurt-based label and artist collective SCAMBAS in 2018, which included several vinyl-based DJs coming from diverse musical backgrounds. They hosted several label events predominantly in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Berlin and the Netherlands. In early 2019 they built up their own studio in the heart of Offenbach and continued to work on new decoupled genre-specific event series in their hometown.

Vitello Tornado’s broad interest in electronic music reaches predominantly from European 80s synth-based Downbeat over Italo Disco and Electronica up to energetic Breakbeats, Synthwave, Acid House and Trance. Regardless of the different genres he has been playing, the crucial component of performing live is to have fun and not take things too seriously. Since the best memories while clubbing are those which happen organically, Vitello Tornado’s philosophy of deejaying advocates an open-minded, bold and versatile selection of music.

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