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We have the honour of presenting one of the most influential and prolific Spanish artists: JAMES ROD has released solid edits, remixes and originals on the best Disco/Nu Disco labels and achieved a respectable international career.

Jaime Rodríguez Navarro (aka James Rod) producer and creator of sound (freelancer), started out in 99/2000 with trends rooted culture break where he was sharing cabin as a DJ with national and international artists. James has shared the stage with artists such as LeeVanDowski (Cadenza), Monoblock (Meant/Dogs & Vultures), Pikaya (Cadenza), Heartthrob (Minus), Monchipet (Bpitch), Bauchamp (Bpitch), Coyu (Suara72020 Vision), Eleesban (Del Barrio Records), Rayko (Rare Wiri/Nang)

Motion, energy, dynamism and technique are what Jaime Rodriguez seeks to print in his tracks, trying to combine today’s elements with sounds of other times. Applying styles and compositional techniques to create a new concept of musical evolution, which exposes direct the “LIVE” format. Disco, Future Disco, Cosmic Disco, Italo Disco, Funk, Boogie, House… James’ influences are masterfully interpreted and transformed into today’s sonority to create a groove suitable for any track.

James Rod works released on acclaimed labels such as Nang Records, Rare Wiri, Spa in Disco, Tom Tom Disco, Midnight Riot, Wonder Stories, HotDigitsMusic, tici taci, Disco Volante, Good Stuff Records, Beachside Records, Spirit Soul Records, P21, Sirius Pandi, Univack, Dryer, Groovink, Flumo, Suara and many others.

He has collaborated with artists of the carving of Ilya Santana, Iñigo & Dan only, Easy M, Irregular Disco Workers, Prins Thomas, Hiem, Roots Manuva, Max Essa, Jkriv, Greg Wilson, Rac, Kid Who, Thomass Jackson, Statickman, Coyu, Eleesban, Expansul, Andrew Weatherall, Rayko, Nelue, Julian Sanza, Sportloto, Bangkok Impact, Plastic of Reve, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco and many more.

Label owner of the Spanish Nu Disco label Golden Soul Records, founded in 2015, on which he has been working artists as Rayko, Copycat, Tulioxi, Turbo Cup, Somerville & Wilson, Slync, Get Down Edits, Dim Zach, Molinari… and soon to be joined with other big names in the nu drive international scene.

In 2016, his edits were released on the English label Midnight Riot. His more eclectic album until the date, “CLASS NIGHT”, was based on edits and versions of big classics, reworked to the more pure James Rod style. Big basslines, large amounts of boogie and funk, pads, leads, subtle but with that pressure and that magnetism that can offer a more suitable technoid mood for the track. Adjusting old influences to more modern concepts, 8 cuts from the album, each one with a special scent and a different spirit. “CLASS NIGHT” has been having very good media acceptance, being the album of the week on Juno and staying in the chart for the best albums on Juno Download.

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