100 // Mari Mac Dowell

Brazilian NYC-based vinyl records aficionado Mari Mac Dowell very much honoured us with a brilliant, foot-stomper & booty-shaker mix! Her passion for the noble art of DJing can be felt in every track and in every transition. A true music lover who spare no efforts to spread the message: Boogie is the answer!

There are many artists and DJs who balance ordinary day jobs with their creative pursuits. Mari Mac Dowell was just one among many others who were trying to balance their eternal passion for music and records collection with their business routine. Collecting and digging records for more than ten years, she was always trying to find time during the time she was a banker to DJ during the weekends at underground house parties in São Paulo, Brazil. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, her music is heavily influenced by the boogie and funk vibes of the music produced in Brazil in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Her musical horizon also includes a wide range of Soul, Afro, Nu Disco and House through which she explores a broad variety of exotic sounds. She discovered electronic music in clubs which immediately turned her into a dance floor addict. After leaving her corporate career, Mari moved to Brooklyn, NY, where she has been DJing and expanding her records collection for a few years now.

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