101 // Carla Valenti

The most striking feature of the Barcelona-based Chilean DJ/producer Carla Valenti's sonority is the way she explores her South American heritage in her sets. Spicy "Latinidade" at its best!

Folklorist since childhood, from instruments to the rhythms, the Barcelona-based Chilean Carla Valenti had connected the electronic music’s world with her roots and aspirations using instinctive, natural and placid ways. Almost a decade ago, she started a career as DJ, firstly Carla played pop and gradually discovered electronic music, at the same time was inviting herself to explore melodic and percussive cycles, tones of nuance, from reggae to hardcore. Meanwhile, when graduating in Sound Technology, music production became a huge interest to her, and after five years investigating, studying, and listening, she’s at the point of no-turning-back, using imagination to create her own meanings and blurring the line between DJ and composer.

In a throwback to the days when she was too small to understand the messages revealed by music, mainly folklore – which for a long time was the only form allowed to the people who wanted to protest in order to have their own rightful voice, Carla reframes the storytelling underneath society’s surface and then now understands what happened, especially the military coup that overthrew Chile’s constitutional democratic regime. In practical terms, aside from the fact that music and politics coexist, she knows that both accompanies and records the evolution and regression of humankind. And it is from this singular and precious intersection that her work transcends every genre it examines, driving such a compelling, eclectic and organic sound that is not afraid to set side by side mainstream and underground.

Overall, to break free from the patterns she put on herself, Carla shows off that being vulnerable is not a scary thing, contrariwise, means something else when it’s placed in connection with human flourishing. Then, conducting electronic music as a mode of looking back to see ahead, also to create a space where life can be analyzed and deconstructed, far from being interpreted in a narrow sense.

Text by Moisés Lourenço

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