107 // Ivan Fabra

The versatile and influential DJ & producer Ivan Fabra very much honours us with this beautiful selection! The variety of genres is solid proof of the wide range of influences that define him as an artist.

Ivan Fabra is a Barcelona based DJ/producer and a hardcore crate digger with a special focus on Nu Disco, Italo, Cosmic Disco, Funk and Balearic vibes, combining minimal groove elements with the pure physical energy of club and dance floor sounds in his productions. He has releases on Codek Records, Silhouette Music, Night Noise Music, Emerald & Doreen Recordings to name a few.

Previous releases from Ivan Fabra are supported by Andrew Weatherall, Dream Chimney, Moscoman, Clandestino, DJ Harvey, Cinthie, Crystal, Crazy P, Downtown Party Network, Alexander Robotnick, Cole Medina, Perel, Neil Scott, Red Axes, Dale Middleton and Simon Mills.

His mixes have a wide range of musical influences and demonstrate innovative efforts to offer an interesting hybrid sonority.

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