French artist REM's MARTINEZ lands on our platform with a solid and vibrant selection of obscure grooves, heavy synths and intense basslines. But don't be fooled: Despite the hefty elements, this exclusive mixtape is absolutely funky!

Based in Landes (France), REM’s MARTINEZ is an educator in his everyday life. Electronic music activist since childhood, this singer and guitarist didn’t take long to obtain turntables and learn to master them. Becoming a DJ in 2014, REM’s is also the co-founder of GARBURE MUSIC, a collective that promotes alternative music values. With a musical style oscillating amidst indie, techno and disco, this DJ is ready for anything to take you into his retro-futuristic universe.

REM’s MARTINEZ had many opportunities to preach the good word of electronic music by sharing turntables with artists such as Popof, Los Paranos, Damon Jee, Demian, Costello, Javier Busto, Alain Elecktronische, Matt Moroder, Landerground and Bonnie Spacey, to name a few.

Recently, REM’s MARTINEZ joined the team of the LITLLE FESTIVAL (a festival based on the Landes coast devoted to electronic music, sliding sports and street art). This year, he will perform again as part of this festival… and that will be fun!

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