112 // Moisees

Co-founder of the incredible Mexican label Duro, Moisees has been making some noise for quite some time now with acclaimed releases - launching both originals and remixes - and sturdy DJ sets. Therefore, he definitely could not be out of our mixtape series.

Moisees is the alias of Moisés Ramírez, a Mexico City DJ and producer who was previously known as Silver Light. He is also the co-founder of the independent label Duro, head of Never Stop Music and manager of Born In Mexico. Moises was a resident DJ of Club Social Rhodesia, one of the best clubs in Mexico City and a regular at other spots like M.N. Roy, Mono, Departamento and Japan.

His first EP as Moisees is called “Train Station Philosophy” and it was released on Duro in 2017. Over the last years, he has been releasing singles and remixes in a bunch of labels besides Duro, such as Get Physical, Roam Recordings, Disque Discos, NEIN, Never Stop Music, Melomana, among others.

In 2019 Moisees released his latest EP called “The Death Of Hope”, his second EP published on his label, Duro.

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