111 // Tony Disco

Classy! Groovy! Funky! The list of adjectives could be longer, but we think you have already understood that Tony Disco's exclusive mixtape for our series is definitely a must-listen. There you go... another adjective!

Tony Disco is Jorge Antonio Figueroa and Jose Antonio Otheo; lifelong friends who are well known for their electrifying fusion of house and disco with driving basslines. Deeply influenced by early psychedelic rock, Italo Disco and electronic music in general, the two made a name for themselves in the Cholula underground scene for their ability to blend seamlessly disco/funk, indie and house. Since then, they have been landing releases on several disco labels such as Nude Disco, Tom Tom Disco, Spa in Disco, ISM, Paper Disco. L’equipe Du Son has also noticed their talent and released on his own imprint Silhouette Music, and last but not least, they were also featured on Fingerman’s Hot Digits.

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