120 // Braulio Rentería

Mexican DJ and producer Braulio Renteria drew our attention after we premiered one of his tracks released on Sinchi Collective. He sent us a hot-as-hell mixtape for our delight!

Braulio Rentería is a DJ/Producer from Guadalajara, México. His sounds are focused on Dark Disco and Indie Dance and can oscillate from sounds very futuristic at a slow pace to very lively sounds, deep and accelerated.

His inspiration, when creating tracks that have the energy that characterizes him, comes from the influence and experience behind the DJ booth. Braulio’s style is defined by many as full of upbeat percussions, organic sounds and dynamic synths. A characteristic that greatly influences his selection of tracks are touches of organic instruments like the guitar, the bass and even air instruments; always focused on offering a unique and enjoyable experience for all types of public.

Braulio has always been passionate about music, especially Alternative Rock. Science fiction movies play a key role in his sonority as well. When he plays a DJ set, he brings together all his broad music taste allied with a kind of feeling as if he and the crowd were part of a sci-fi movie.

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