121 // Santi Paredes

Santi Paredes (a.k.a. Gabaï) has been - literally speaking - writing a solid history in the electronic music scene. Editor of the beautiful Spanish project Como las Grecas, his texts usually enchant the blog readers, now it's time for his music to enchant us.

It is in the music press where we can find the main bond of Santi Paredes (a.k.a. Gabaï) with the electronic music scene. This melomaniac from Bilbao (Spain) has been working since 2005 as an editor in different media, and currently is collaborating with the electronic music webzine “Como las Grecas”. In his eagerness to share what is going on in the scene, he occasionally puts aside the musical criticism to get on the decks and offers us sets full of underground sound and darkness.

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