125 // Bonasforsa

It's about time to have some royalty on board our spaceship, isn't it? The Bonasforsa lads, a London-based Italian-Polish duo, opened their vaults to provide a savoury selection for us.

Bona Sforsa was a 16th-century Polish queen of Italian origin. So much for a little history lesson. Jump a few centuries forward and you’ll find Bonasforsa in the studio on the 6th floor of a block of flats in East London. It’s the new moniker of Italian-Polish producer duo Rico Casazza and Krzysztof Kozber.

Both have a long string of releases under their belts on their own, but this new project of theirs doesn’t want to follow up on them, but rather be the beginning of something new. Although house and techno are the names of the game for their solo releases, this new venture is focused on a different side of electronic dance music. They have moved on from clubs to living rooms, loops have been replaced with live instrumentation, thumping 4/4 beats made their way for subtle breakbeats.

“This podcast is the selection of our favourite tunes that we take inspiration from artists we admire and also we have included some of our new productions and some of our friends’ music”, according to the lads themselves.

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