126 // Pasqual

It is always nice to feature a mixtape from a fellow Frankfurter! Pasqual from the solid collective Club Edith brings a proper selection of House Music at its best!

If you look at Pasqual’s biography, then you will probably think: “Ihhh, this is a waste of time for me!”, but after reading it, you are definitely going to say: “Hey, what a nice guy!”. It is the classic “dishwasher-to-millionaire”-bio – with the difference that the plates for him refer to turntables, and the richness to the millions “accidentally spent” in record shops.

But from the beginning: “Pasqual” derives from the combination of the German word “Qual” (“torment”) and the middle-class name “Pascal”. See if you identify yourself with his story: At a young age, enchanted by music and working on part-time jobs, he bought a pair of turntables and a mixer (plus tons of records, as aforementioned) and started practising intensively at home. His efforts paid off: Pasqual is now a well-established DJ in Frankfurt, having been booked more and more often to some of the best venues in town: THW, Silbergold, Yachtklub, Maxi Eisen, ABS Bar/Off Yard, Konfuzius Franz, Le Bureau and Pracht. In addition to Radio X gigs and trips to the Kantine (Miltenberg), he is also a strong member of CLUB EDITH, a collective responsible for some of the best House Music events in town.

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