128 // Marzian

Marzian, despite thinking Maradona is better than Pelé, still has our respect, especially because of his impressive releases (both originals and remixes) on some of the best labels of the Indie Dance scene.

Born in April 1991 and currently established in Buenos Aires, Marzian’s audiovisual project includes music, videos and photography. As a DJ/producer, his work could be summarized in these three words: introspection, exploration and staging. Everything comes from within; it is projected and then reaches the audience. The mysterious energy surrounding the urban passages of contemporary life and its secrets is what leads Marzian’s art to get a wide picture of what we perceive in everyday conversations. Mother Nature whispers, but our eyes cannot understand such beauty. Marzian goes beyond that limit and his songs are synchronized with nature. His music becomes part of that synthesized perception; this way his artwork cannot be categorized.

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