Photo by Dirk Beichert


127 // Richard Oberscheven

Another Frankfurter lands in our series: Richard Oberscheven is not only a great DJ but also a skilled dancer/choreographer. He selected some of the finest records of his collection for this delightful mixtape.

Richard Oberscheven follows his career as a DJ, contemporary dancer and choreographer and is based in Frankfurt am Main. Through his dance background, Oberscheven is fascinated by versatile music directions and discovered his love for the ’90s House Music, which influences his vibrant beats and defines his characteristic sound as a DJ. Oberscheven is strongly engaged in the electronic music scene in Frankfurt and also internationally. He regularly plays in various contexts, bars and clubs, such as Silbergold, Städel Party, Liebieghaus–Secret Garden, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Kunstverein Lola&Montez, GOSU Livestream, Off Yard, Café Kurzschlusz and Radio X. He has also played in different nightclubs outside Frankfurt such as KAKE and Farbfernseher in Berlin, MS Zufriedenheit, Kurt & Komisch in Würzburg and Black Gold in Amsterdam.

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