138 // Roe Deers

The one & only Roe Deers very much honours us with an exquisite and daring mixtape. After acclaimed releases on vital labels such as Nein Records, Belly Dance Services, Duro, Tom Tom Disco and Playground Records, we can honestly say he is amidst the most cutting-edge producers of his generation.

Liudas Lazauskas aka Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based producer. Liudas started listening to electronic music when he was 10 years old. Being 11 years old, he got a turntable and a mixer. He started collecting vinyl records and practising his mixing technique at his parents’ nightclub. Eventually, he started playing at club venues in Lithuania, and a few years after, across Europe. Then he began his music story and let the music do the talking.

He has enthralled the nights of endless audiences in many clubs in Europe by delivering well blended electronic music. Having spent more than 15 years behind the turntables performing at clubs and producing electronic music, Liudas became significantly well equipped with rich musical knowledge across many genres of music. The biggest and most significant breakthrough in his music career and creation work happened 4 years ago when Liudas launched his brand-new project. On the Independence Day of Lithuania, he picked an oddly folkloric name and that was the start of the Roe Deers project.

While most of electronic music follows a clear and often monotonic pattern, you never know what you will get from Roe Deers. He tends to be a ‘trendsetter’ rather than a ‘trend follower.’ The way how he would describe his sound would be “from old-school style up to disco and from soulful to deep new wave – a combination of disco, rock & house”. It really does vary. He is passionate about musical charm and incredibly innovative sound. He builds a connection between music and the crowd by playing music in a creative sense. The connection between the two is sentimental. Roe tends to step out of what is commonly acknowledged as a standard formula of success, but it doesn’t make him distant from his audience.

Roe Deers employ all shades of love in his shows so that the only response you can give him is dance. He has collaborations with Curses, Bad Habits, Wolfstream, and so far, releases on Omnidisc, Nein, Sulk Magic, Rotten City, Suara, Ombra International, La Belle, Kump, Roam, Calypso and Duro. He has been highly acknowledged by Danny Daze, Red Axes, Curses, Job Jobse, Andrew Weatherall, just to name a few. Currently, Roe Deers is a resident artist at Opium Club in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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