139 // Skelesys

We welcome another Argentinean hermano to our platform: Skelesys has been drawing a lot of attention for quite some time now. The Berlin-based DJ, producer and San Lorenzo fan released some indispensable bombs on vital labels, such as Ombra International, Play Pal Music, Rotten City and Playground, to name a few.

Argentinean Damian aka Skelesys is a versatile, ever-evolving and particularly cutting-edge artist. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he has freshly settled in the creative surroundings of Berlin. Besides his passion for painting, electronic music has become the center of his artistic life – so he’s a producer and live act with a strong musical background inspired by Hard Rock, Post-Punk, Synth Pop, Coldwave and science fiction or horror movies. Playing the drums at the age of three became his first love. After several years of playing in live bands, producing electronic music has opened a whole new world to him that would change his way of hearing, composing and feeling music.

His sound can be defined as haunted, functional and effective, as a result of a delicate and neat mixture of Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Italo Disco and Techno. Marked basses are accompanied by thrilling melodies and subtle grooves, surrounded with a touch of darkness and a stripped-down futuristic vibe – not afraid of experimenting and looking deep into the void between the senseless and the rhythmic.

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