141 // Ravintsara

Biarritz-based Ravintsara likes to explore obscure and dark grooves in her sets. The selection she prepared for our series is no exception to this rule.

Ravintsara is a DJ from Biarritz, France, who embraces the dark and wild side art and music have to offer. Her sonority is expressed through devilish sets soaked in dirt, encompassing Electro/Techno loaded with epic and organic beats with satanic groove, screaming and squeaky guitars, melancholic melodies, EBM-influenced bass lines, fat and a little salty. Also: Spartan rhythms, voices inhabited by singularity with nonchalant phrasing, synths modulated on waves are at the center of the musical niche plus classy sounds brought from the grave.

Contrasts, opposing things, false notes and clumsiness are all desirable qualities to hear. Listen to her set and note it was concocted like an alchemist of music, a laboratory technician in sound experience, a researcher of sounds exploring aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro music.

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