142 // Heidenreich

This is the first mixtape ever made by Heidenreich. His track "Der Kaufmann Und Der Papagei II" has been drawing lots of attention to this young new talent. You can have it for free on our FREEDL series.

Heidenreich is the result of a metamorphosis. From drums, guitars and elephants to suitable modern dance music with many influences and the wish to be part of the alternative electronic music scene. A young new talent, his forthcoming productions are about to be released on some of the finest European labels. He has already shown a little of what he is capable of in our FREEDL series (you may want to check track 003, by the way). In his first mixtape ever, he gathers tracks from some of the artists that inspired him for the last years as a form of paying a tribute. There are a lot of beautiful things going on in Heidenreich’s future – so save the name.

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