144 // Black Flamingo Disco Driver

We have the pleasure of featuring Black Flamingo Disco Driver from DJ Mag España. The selection he prepared for our mixtape series is pure bliss!

Black Flamingo Disco Driver is a vinyl activist and musical critic for DJ Mag of Spanish/Chilean origin. In 2000 he moved to Barcelona, where he discovered clubs such as Florida 135, Nitsa, Razzmatazz and later BeCool, spaces where he absorbed the club culture, awakening a deep investigation of rhythms from the past and drawing a path towards the figure of the DJ as a multidisciplinary artist and rich in sound diversity.

During this period, until 2009, he looked for a more personal sound in the electronic music realm, approaching musical fields like Ambient, Disco, Leftfield, Slow Techno, IDM, New Wave, EBM and Electro. Currently, the sound he exhibits walks with the idea of connecting the roots of black music with contemporary sounds.

After almost 20 years of musical experience, he is now considered one of the artists with the greatest national projection. He is half of the Electric Selectors project, events in which he is committed to promoting young national talents and has recently become a member of United Colors Of Rhythm, label which is about to publish their first musical productions.

He has played at Razzmatazz, Be Cool, Feinstoff (Berlin), Crack Bellmer (Berlin), Operator (Rotterdam), Rinse Fm (Paris), Florida 135, Row 14, Clubzoreks, Subma, Kode, BigBang, Artecht, LimitClub, Flash, MinusaClub, Sala (Futura) Ribadeo Lugo, Pitch Techno Club, Las Armas, Festival H2zone, Urban Rave (Chile), Espacio 93, Reset Club, Solart Sonique, just to name a few highlights of his vast career.

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