145 // Absurd

Our new mixtape comes from the Lithuanian duo Absurd. The lads, who also curate a podcast series, concocted an intense multi-genre selection for us.

Absurd is a project of 2 DJ friends (ablo & DiMareo) that started in 2017, they are based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Indie, Psychedelic, Dark Disco, House, Disco, Techno with groovy basslines, that’s how they like it. They are not afraid of mixing various genres. These guys have also their mixtape series called ”Absurd Podcast”, having already released mixes of artists such as Theus Mago, FLXXX, Shubostar, Roe Deers, Il Est Vilaine, Durand, Tulioxi and many more. ”We release mixes of artists who we think are born talents as producers and DJs as well”, said the lads.

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