150 // Machinegewehr

Ladies & gentlemen, our 150th mixtape: Machinegewehr!

Machinegewehr is the alter ego of Silas Schletterer. He is a Rotterdam-based contemporary artist who makes music in his spare time. His musical path started when he became the singer in his first Punk Rock band “No Idea” (which later changed into “Nice Guy Eddie”) at the age of 15. Later, he played bass guitar in several other bands like H.O.T.T. and Viper Cobra. Around the year 2000, he started making music on his computer using Fruity Loops. Inspired by artists like Ladytron, Adult, Vitalic, Miss Kittin and The Hacker, this was a perfect cross over to electronic music.

Through the years the breadth of his musical interest grew bigger. Taking his music more serious step by step, he kept developing his sound. In 2008 he released a 6-track CD named “Part of the test”, followed up by “The Destroyer” in 2009. Both mini albums with a mix of electro(rock) bangers and Italo influenced tracks, some containing samples from 80’s movies /documentaries and guitar, bass and vocals by himself.

In 2013 Machinegewehr was finally picked up by the vital Dutch label Bordello a Parigi. “Abhinanda”, a track with vocals by Gees Voorhees, was his first 12-inch release on Bordello, along with a remix of “Abhinanda” by Elitechnique and a rework by A Visitor From Another Meaning (Alden Tyrell) with vocals by Italo legend Fred Ventura. The EP was described by some critics as a perfect debut release, while DJ Mag wrote: “A brilliant update of ’80s Italo, with its combination of foreboding pulses, spine-tingling synth melodies and a frost Euro vixen delivering unforgettable lines like ‘the afterglow is burning in my eyes'”. “Carradine”, his second release on Bordello (with the album cover art done by Silas himself), was also well received and named a perfect successor.

Five more EP’s followed since then: The Unforgiven, 2015 (Electronic Emergencies), Venom, 2017 (Nocta Numerica), The Cordyceps, 2017 (Bordello a Parigi), Work it (with Ayden Vice), 2018 (Musique Exotique) and Kurayami, 2019 (Electronic Emergencies). Lots of remixes by Machinegewehr were also released by labels like Bordello, Nein Records, Esthétique, Electronic Emergencies and Correspondant Music. Right now, “Machine” is working on a new project with Manni Blitzer. Several remixes will also come out this year and a new solo EP is expected in late 2020.

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