151 // Morze

OBERWAVE's boss Konstantin Morze lands on our platform with a dark & obscure (but groovy) mixtape, peeps! You'd better don't miss this one!

DJ, producer and founder of OBERWAVE — international label and Dark Disco syndicate from St. Petersburg, Russia. Among his preferences are vicious, hypnotic rhythms, oriental grooves and ominous Mexican psychedelia. Among the cities in which he regularly plays are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. In 2018 he released the EP ‘Love and Other Drugs’, which scored over 15 000 plays on Soundcloud. In this year he is preparing two releases on Detriti Records and Rotten City Records. Without a doubt, Morze is the most popular and most touring Russian DJ, who represents ‘dark’, but not ‘so hard’ side of electronic music. Chamber bars or large clubs — he is ready for any format because the mood and atmosphere of the party depend only on him.

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