152 // Pâlm

We introduce you Pâlm, a super cool Tel-Aviv-based French DJ we found on Soundcloud and decided to invite him to be part of our series.

Pâlm is a House and Techno DJ from Cannes, France. After living for 4 years in Montreal, he started playing at many parties in Mexico. He is now based in Israel. Currently in Tel-Aviv, he is looking to expand his sound. His hallmark lies in Deep, Groovy and Cosmic Disco full of amazing vocals. He played at the Ex-Fabrica de Harina (which recently received Laurent Garnier and Marcel Dettman) and La Galera, two venues chosen by Mutek Mexico for their 2018 edition. He also had the opportunity to play for Maruatazo Festival organised by Casa Disco on the Pacific Coast. Pâlm had a residency at N10.AS radio, based in Montreal and played for TEDER.FM radio in Tel Aviv. He is now digging Cosmic Disco, Oriental Deep House, Indie, New Wave and Italo.

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