160 // Alejandro Molinari

Before heading to his tour through Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala, hermano Alejandro Molinari left us a gift: A caliente and picante mixtape. If you like spicy music, this is for you!

Alejandro Molinari is a Venezuelan musician, DJ and electronic music producer based in Berlin. The history of his music stretches back to 2010 when he moved to Mexico City and was influenced by the local techno scene. This gave birth to the distinctive sound of Molinari, an energetic fusion of New Wave, Dark Disco and Shamanism. His musical career has carried him to clubs worldwide like Katerblau (Berlin), La Gare de Mines (Paris), Café Berlin (Madrid), Opium (Lithuania), Karkle Festival (Lithuania), M.N.Roy (Mexico), performing DJ Sets and Live Acts with analog gear and his unmistakable vocals. His music and remixes have been released on NEIN Records, Playground Records, Roam Recordings, Melomana Records, Logical Records, Bottom Forty, and Phisica.

Alejandro Molinari’s music and lyrics draw influences from esotericism and supernatural archaeology. His references range from Post-Punk and Cold Wave to the origins of Techno and Dark Disco and also world music references like Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain and Ethiopian Jazz that colour his sound with visionary and shamanic vibes. His tracks are polylingual, singing in English, French, Spanish and German. Analogue synthesizers, guitar riffs and the use of the lost Solffegio scale supply his music with unique electro-magnetic frequencies. His music has been described as an “obscure and sensual shamanic voyage”.

In June of 2016, Molinari released his first official EP “Break the Bricks”, with the Japanese label Blindetonation. Soon after, the track “Peso Muerto” gained him wide acclaim and is an unmistakable influence of his time spent living in Mexico and his immersion into the electronic music scene with the likes of Daniel Maloso, Rebolledo and Thomass Jackson. In February of 2018, Molinari released on NEIN Records his EP “Gargantua”, charting two tracks Gargantua and Discoteca Mexicana as the Top 2nd best Indie-Dance tracks of the month on Beatport. The summer of the same year he released his album “Survival Game” where he samples Alan Watts speaking about human beings in their process of survival. This album has been played by Nick Warren, Paco Osuna, Anthony Mansfield and many other established musicians. This Summer, Alejandro Molinari will be releasing his latest EP, “Santo Ritmo”, on Playground Records with remixes by Mijo, Ali X X Ximena and Teniente Castillo.

Alejandro Molinari also has a side project called FUGITIV. With a background in classic rock from the 1970s, his bandmate Ignacio Itriago complements FUGITIV with a collection of rare and hallucinatory sounds. In the context of Venezuela’s dictatorship and economic crisis, Ignacio Itriago began collecting vintage synthesizers from the 1970s and ’80s, amassing an ensemble of analogue frequencies that define the band’s musical personality. Strongly influenced by Post-Punk and Darkwave from the 1980s, the cavernous voice of Alejandro Molinari speaks of bodies as vehicles, meditation breathing, arcane gods and newly discovered planets. FUGITIV’s unhurried ambient tracks draw influences from Angel Rada, the experimental musician from the 1970s and from the obscure Solfeggio Scale employed by monks in the Middle Ages.

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