161 // Octavian 444

We introduce you Dark Disco hero NL-based Romanian Octavian 444. He drew our attention when we found one of his sets on SoundCloud and decided to invite him to make a mixtape for us.

Octavian 444 is a Romanian DJ/producer based in The Netherlands. His musical journey is a short but interesting one. His passion brought him to a life-threatening gig a few years ago at a rave inside an abandoned Belgian mine, but he took it as a good sign. He started by playing and organizing illegal parties in Utrecht (NL), his charm as much as his music always gathering a great crowd. He was made for this scene, making both drug dealers and policemen comfortable when he was around.

Moving away from illegal parties, in the last year he turned his energy to producing, releasing a number of tracks independently. He played at a few festivals and clubs around Utrecht, feeling alone in pushing the dark disco agenda. What motivates him is hope for diversifying electronic music in the Netherlands, bringing Electro into Techno sets and Synthwave into Deep House parties.

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