165 // Stockholm SyNdrome

Our last mixtape in 2019! Thanks, Stockholm Syndrome, for the beautiful closing!

Stockholm Syndrome is a Melbourne based DJ/production duo consisting of Mr. Pyz & Wil-torn formed in 2015.

Their style is extremely varied and unapologetically, it can’t be neatly wrapped up into a single genre. They’re drawn to dark, moody techno. The raw energy of Mex-tech and the Slo Balearic vibes of Drug Chug. Since their debut, they’ve gone on to clock up an impressive gig list regularly rocking many of Melbourne’s iconic venues including Revolver Upstairs, New Guernica, The Liberty Social, Boney and The Mercat. The boys are no strangers to the Aussie festival circuit grading the stages of Rainbow Serpent & Piknic electronic not just once but 3 years in a row.

With a string of releases and remixes in the pipeline, the boys continue to focus and work hard at what they love most: Electronic techno music.

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