167 // Crème de Coco

It's Disco time, baby! French trio Crème de Coco provided a boogie-oogie mixtape for our series! Unmissable!

Two bald guys, one blond girl. Since 2017, the French trio Crème de Coco (Ecran Total, Pidoo, DJ Chic) comes by its 6-handed DJ sets, irresistibly dancing, sexy and sunny. From disco classics, French boogie, to house and nu-disco, the three friends claim the spirit of the Body&Soul parties and also of the Paradise Garage (NYC).

With different backgrounds and sensibilities, they all have grown up under the influence of electronic music, and also US soul-funk and Italian-disco scenes. Their Parisian parties have seen international artists playing to their side: Arts of Tones aka Llorca, Fatnotronic, Bosq, Rainer Trueby, Laroye aka Qwestlife, DJ Supermarkt, Rafael Cancian, EvaPeel, DJ Vas, Yuksek, Get A Room, Get Down Edits, among others.

Beyond their musical project, and events that will take place in more or less unexpected venues, Crème de Coco is a spirit. The spirit of brotherhood, mind openness, the epicureanism from the ’70s; inspired by the freedom and emancipation that black music and minorities brought to life and sound.

After more than 40 dates in 2 years, 2019 marked a turning point in the adventure of Crème de Coco: a monthly show on the trendy French web radio Le Mellotron, a summer residency at La Démesure/Seine (Paris), a summer tour that will take them from Paris to Ibiza, passing through Barcelona and Berlin. During this tour, they will share the stage with fantastic artists like Yuksek, Phil Weeks, DJ Supermarkt, and many others.

Their ambition: Create friendly moments for everyone and highlight the pleasure of dancing and the desire of reuniting around disco music in all its forms. So far, they have been extremely successful.

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