169 // Anastasia Zems

Save the name, peeps: Anastasia Zems, the big boss of the project F e m m e, is slowly getting more and more attention in the Dark Disco Russian scene. The mixtape she kindly prepared for us is all you need today.

Anastasia Zems (also known as Avtokratka) is a DJ and sound-producer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who prefers mixed genres and melancholic beats in her selections. In 2018 she founded a community and promoter group called FEMME, which is dedicated to the woman’s career in the music sphere. She also made a tour in Russia, Switzerland and Baltic countries as a promoter of parties with female-only line-ups. In 2019, Anastasia finally came to her sound and began to actively use her vocals, gloomy melodies and rough synth sounds. She signed new tracks to Disque Discos and in early 2020 she plans to release her first cassette.

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