175 // Lucare

We present you a super-duper cool mixtape filled with Dark & groovy vibes made with love by Argentinean DJ/producer Lucare.

LUCARE is the new project of Luciano Carestía, producer and Argentinean DJ, with more than 12 years of experience in stages and booths of America, Europe and Asia, having participated in various projects and initiatives related to electronic music, both in solo and band format, as well as live and DJ sets. He has edited on labels Playground Records (Argentina), Monotonias Music (Argentina), Three Records (United Kingdom), Controlla (Mexico) and Emerald & Doreen (Germany). During his career LUCARE has been part of several projects, such as “Blax Draft”, oriented to electro and techno; “Warnes”, a live project with Cali Burton, whose sound research turned into indietronics and band performance for the dance floor, as well as a project called “Desierto de Sonora”, together with Alejandro Duro, focused on Dub Techno, Ambient and Melodic House. For his part, as a solo artist, Luciano seeks through LUCARE to generate sound pieces near raw House, New Disco and Indie Dance. Today he is working to publish several original tracks, edits, podcasts, remixes and making his own live sets as LUCARE.

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