176 // Wawashi Deejay

If you know Hard Ton, you know Wawashi Deejay. He kindly prepared a special and eclectic selection for us. It's a must-listen!

DJing since the 90s, Wawashi Deejay is the man in the shadow behind Hard Ton, an international queer dance project together with oversized diva, singer and performer Max. They like to call their sound Chic-à-go-go Disco, showcasing a broad spectrum of influences that go beyond early Chicago House and Disco Music, as quoted in their camp definition. Also infused with Detroit Techno, Acid House, Italo Disco, 80s Synthpop and Electro Funk. All these sounds blend together in his sets, showing an eclectic attitude towards genres, styles and decades.

Follow Wawashi Deejay as Hard Ton, peeps!

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