179 // Högt I Tak

"Intense". Maybe the best word to describe the mix Högt I Tak prepared for us. It's pure energy! Oh, wait... "energetic" is a better option perhaps!

Janne Berglund aka Högt I Tak is a producer and DJ from Brännö, Sweden. Janne has been around the techno scene since the early rave days. Travelling through India in the late eighties, he found the party scene in Goa. At that time, the music was a mixture of EBM, New Beat and strange electronic music. And this story you can still hear amid the influences of the music he produces and plays. Today, Janne produces, DJs and makes parties with the Trailer Trash Disco collective. He usually describes his music as trailer techno with a pinch of psychedelic disco and acid masala. He has released on Labels such as Emerald & Doreen, CSK:Beat, Esthétique and Nein. This spring there will be new works out on Nuff Music and Wilde Möhre Records.

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