190 // Fledermaus

Our Spanish Batman, FLEDERMAUS, flapped his wings, bared his fangs and prepared a dark and menacing - but groovy - selection for our mixtape series.

Samuel Valls has been trapped by music since 200. Born in Valencia, he attended punk and soul parties until the explosive arrival of the electroclash, that’s when he started exploring the aspects of electronic music. His greatest idol, Andrew Weatherall, was of vital importance in his development as a DJ and producer in the following years.

In 2010 he lands in Barcelona, where he exploits all his artistic potential. He was the founder of bands like Sangre, Puticlub Manoli and Feed Your Demons, in which he put his synthesizers to good use. As a promoter, he organized parties at Panic Club and Lupita La Disco. He was also the manager of the extinct but legendary Lupita Del Raval Bar. Currently, he is a programmer and resident DJ at Freedonia, an important underground club in the Barcelona underground scene.

As a producer, under his alias Fledermaus, he has released 2 EPs on Novak (2018) and Dogs & Vultures (2019). His DJ sets are unpredictable and with his gaze always on the past. A lot of organic sounds combined with guitars and synthesizers are easy to find in his sets. Due to so many years of passion for music, the respect that he transmits is evident in each song he plays.

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