191 // Coco The Coconut

Habemus Papam! The conclave has decided, the smoke is white, Coco the Coconut is our new Pope! Take a peek at his first speech and have a blessed day!

Coco was born in a coconut tree on a deserted and remote island in the South Pacific. Under the shade of a palm tree, he took his first steps and slept his first naps. One day he decided to build a raft with the shells of the coconuts he had eaten until then and launched himself into the ocean in search of new lands and adventures.

After much sailing and long napping, he shored in the city of Barcelona at the beginning of the 21st century. Disenchanted with the way of life in the northern hemisphere, he decided to create in 2009 the Incipient Republic of Freedonia, the nerve centre of Barcelona’s underground, in the heart of the Raval.

After some years in the background, programming and listening to the sets of the best DJs in the city, Coco decided to come out as The Coconut. Just one year after his premiere, Coco has shared booths with artists such as Curses, La Mverte, Álvaro Cabana, Javi Redondo, Middle Sky Boom, Freudenthal, Martin Noise, Morze, Lokier, among others, in addition to playing most of the most important venues in Barcelona such as Apolo, Laut, This Side Up, The Garage of the Bass Valley, plus the legendary Pikes in Ibiza, some clubs in Berlin as Polygon or Rummels Bucht and also in Tuscany (Italy).

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