193 // Ulises Arrieta

We welcome young and promising Ulises Arrieta to our mixtape series. Watch this kid, besides an outstanding haircut, he has proper DJing/production skills!

Ulises Arrieta is a young DJ/Producer from the city of Oaxaca de Juárez, his musical project is full of marked bass, guitars and tropical rhythms, crossing styles such as Indie Dance and Dark Disco, adding House, Techno, Afro House and Xamanic influences to his sets and productions.

Being part of various bands of Indie Rock, Metal and Alternative Rock as a guitarist and drummer, in addition to playing bass, keyboard and synthesizers, he has been helped by different platforms such as Nein Records, La Volta Records, Controlla, Emerald & Doreen, Dogs & Vultures, among others. Despite the tender age, Ulises has already established a solid and consistent career within the Mexican electronic scene.

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