194 // Diego Montiel

Hermano Diego Montiel (Side UP Works) cooked a special mixtape for our platform. Enjoy!

Diego Montiel was born in Buenos Aires. After being involved in music from a young age, he moved to Barcelona and started out playing at underground parties before landing on the best clubs in the city. Alongside DJing, he developed as an Indie Dance/Dark Disco producer, creating several tracks, some of which have been published by different labels, under different pseudonyms.

In 2015 he founded This Side UP, a popular alternative club, located in the centre of Barcelona. He also created a well recognized electronic music label, called SUW (Side UP Works). Motivated by what was happening, he joined forces with other producers and started teaching. This is when BeSide School was born. He then finally fused all his projects under one Company name: Side UP Entertainment.

As a DJ, he performed alongside The Hacker, Jennifer Cardini, Rex the Dog, Marc Houle, Danny Daze, just to name a few.

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