208 // Jayl Funk

It's funk time, bebê! Master Jayl Funk prepared a groovy concoction for our mixtape series!

Jayl Funk is without a doubt one of the most well-known producers/DJs of the Nu-Funk and Funky-Breaks scene! Hailing from Nuremberg, Germany he first appeared in the scene back in 2008 and since then he never looked back. He managed to build a really strong profile with killer releases for labels like Timewarp Music, Breakbeat Paradise, Manmade, BIGM Productions, ReSoul, PunchOut, just to name a few.

Jayl Funk’s DJ sets are filled with the hottest grooves of the Nu-Funk, Funky Breaks and Nu-Disco era, far away from the typical mainstream sounds. He started DJing in 1996 and his worldwide famous touch started in 2008. He released his first EP “Washed Car” on Bleenchic Records (Germany) and he earned big support from DJs and music producers worldwide.

Jayl got huge attention and respect for his DJ-friendly Funk edits on Soundcloud. In this context, he managed to open his own digital label HONKEY PHONK. His tunes on the very successful Polish label Trufunk got a massive response from the crowd and he climbed fast to one of the well-known Nu-Funk and Funky Breaks producers worldwide.

In the past 10 Years, Jayl’s reputation has been growing strong with numerous releases and remixes for several Artists like Skeewiff, All Good Funk Alliance, Minimatic, BadboE, DFunk, to name a few. His passion for Funk music and his huge passion to play live DJ sets let the grooves flow over your mind, your body and your soul and he always remains true to his style.

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