209 // Robert E. Livingood

Eclectic, dazzling and inspiring. These are the best adjectives to describe the eclectic, dazzling and inspiring mixtape Robert E. Livingood prepared for our platform. Get ready for a true music journey!

Robert E. Livingood is a multi-media artist, DJ, and organizer of forest raves. A Detroit native, he now inhabits in western Canada where he studies grizzly bears and is a central figure in the thriving rural art and dance community of Nelson, British Columbia. Robert’s DJ sets range through the territories of new wave, dark disco, tribal, minimal, and post-punk. As a producer, he uses both analogue and FM hardware synths as a means to dialogue with the forces of wild nature. This process results in experimental dance tracks or ambient pieces enveloped in smoky atmospheric layers of sound. He released music on the labels Emerald & Doreen, Divination & Strategy, and forthcoming on Ombra INTL.

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