Madrid-based duo Move the Tower, formed by the brothers Fernando & Javier Garrido, cooked a proper Indie Dance/Dark Disco selection for our mixtape series.

Move the Tower is a Madrid-based duo formed by DJ and producer Fernando Garrido and his brother Javier Garrido better known as Sr. Harrys. Both have been closely linked to electronic music from a very young age. One of their hobbies – while other kids played soccer – was to tinker with everything that had to do with mixing. For some years their tastes and performances have been very different, while Fernando Garrido shoots the deepest and darkest sounds of Techno, Sr. Harrys focuses on more atmospheric sounds like House and melodic Techno. Their careers have always been separated, but in 2020 they wanted to come together to create the Move The Tower project, in which they focus on Indie Dance and Synthwave, genres they call “their new musical age”.

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