219 // JackWasFaster

Savour the moment and enjoy this super mixtape the one & only Jackwasfaster kindly prepared for our platform.

Ex-member of the Madrid-based band Fira Fem (Aloud, Subterfuge), with whom he played at some Spanish festivals like Sónar, Primavera Sound, FIB, SOS or BBK, Manu Cachero hides under the moniker JackWasFaster to explore his devotion for electronic music.

In his DJ sets, live acts and productions, the artist focuses on exploring the most synthetic face of Disco, as well as Post-Electronic, Dark Balearic Wave, Post-Punk heritage, or the rawest and the most underground Acid music.

Participant to the 2015 Madrid edition of the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp, he has issued releases and remixes for labels such as Rotten City, Nein, Factor City, Aylevs, Playground, Quantistic, Emerald & Doreen or Esthétique, both by himself or alongside Álvaro Cabana or Talktome (as Jacktome).

His tracks have been played and supported by Andrew Weatherall, Eskimo Twins, Timothy Clerkin, Mugwump, Sean Johnston, Javi Redondo, Curses, Massimiliano Pagliara, Bird of Paradise, Amevicious, Leonor, Álvaro Cabana, Club Bizarre, Gameboyz, or JP Soul.

The positive reception of his releases and a solid hardware-based live set got him to play at festivals such as Sónar, FIB, Brunch In The Park, Paraíso, Electrosplash or UVA, in addition to clubs such as Mondo (Madrid) and Razzmatazz (Barcelona).

During COVID times, he keeps on producing tracks for Inflect (UK) as well as Rotten City and working on a new project, named Indies With Microkorgs, showing his more industrial and experimental side.

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