222 // A-Tweed

We welcome Italian DJ and producer A-Tweed to our mixtape series. World music vibes for the next 66 minutes is all you need today.

Ant aka A-Tweed: stage name of Antonio De Oto, Italian DJ/producer based in Rome focusing on global/electronics. His sets provide freshness, groovy and trippy vibes filled with afro-futurism, cosmic dark disco, global bass, tropical house, psychedelic cumbia, weird downbeats and 360° worldwide music gems selections. A-Tweed tells us stories about Black Africa, New Orleans or Marrakech alleys, Istanbul or Palermo Markets, and about the endless paths that lead from Buenos Aires to the Colombian Pacific.

His eclectic mixtapes are appreciated on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, as are his appearances in important underground international podcast channels or networks like Le Mellotron (Paris), Kiosk Radio (Brussels), Warm FM (Liegi), Radio Raheem (Milan), Cannibalradio (Athens), Basy Tropikalne (Warsaw), Radio Rea (Buenos Aires), Casa Caos (Brazil), Kiev Ethno Foundation (Ukraine), Cosmovision (Montreal), Midnight Orient (Istanbul), Arabs Do It Better (Berlin), Radio Alhara (Palestine), Noods Radio (UK), etc.

In the last two years, A-Tweed shared the stage with various international artists such as Frente Cumbiero, Chancha Via Circuito, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Barrio Lindo, Chinese Man, Khidja, Floyd Lavine, Bufiman, Nickodemus, Nuri, and many more. He also played in festivals like Mondo Sounds (Sicily), White Summer (Spain), Ariano Folk Festival (Ariano Irpino), Disorder (Eboli), Reload (Biella), Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), just to name a few, and several gigs in other countries including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, and Serbia.

He released his first EP in May 2020 on Rotterdam Label Afrobotic Musicology. A conceptual body of work using afro-electronics fused with Celtic cultures, the 3 tracks dedicated to Scotland, Bretagne, and Galicia, respectively. The tracks were premiered by Le Mellotron, Les Yeux Orange and Midnight Orient.

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