225 // Ed Dix

We proudly welcome Kuala Lumpur-based artist Ed Dix to our mixtape series.

The only rule is to push the boundaries of conventional electronic music exploring new directions while never losing sight of his core passions – playing music, sharing forward-thinking visions, and celebrating life.

Ed Dix has always been a musician in love with & addicted to music when he was 15 by forming a band as a drummer, drawing influences from Joy Division. Driven by the love of timeless music, he continues to dive deeper into electronic sounds when he discovered Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and John Carpenter. His abandoning of boundaries and restrictions led him to refuse to stick to any particular scene or genre which takes in everything from Psychedelic jams to Belgian New Beat & experimental Electronica. His music is full of subtle references to Kraftwerk meets Joy Division.

Ed Dix emerged on the scene when he debuted his self-released 3-track EP ‘Planetarian’ in 2018, followed by his debut edit on Jakarta’s Dekadenz Records for “Themes For Divided Tribes Vol. 3” a year after. Over the past few years, he has worked with various international platforms including Calypso (Mexico), Belly Dance Service (Austria), and Soil (Valencia). Recently he released his debut EP on Nein (UK) with 3 originals, showcasing imaginary soundtracks from his weirdo dreams and inspiring classic Malay movies, featuring remixes from K- Effect (Spain) N.O.Y. (Tel Aviv) & Lusca (Mexico).

Throughout his career, he has shared the decks with influential international acts such as Cosmo Vitelli, Curses, Simple Symmetry, Aera, Rebolledo, and Jonathan Kusuma at some of the most prolific Malaysian clubs.

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