226 // Cal

Hailing from Wageningen (NLD), young selector Cal (MiniCulture) prepared an upbeat and energizing mixtape for our series.

Starting his love for music at a very young age through a collection of trance CDs, Calvin Damen or simply Cal always wanted to spread the love for dance music. The Dutch DJ started playing at house parties and illegal raves together with friends when he came in contact with the electronic music collective MiniCulture. Now he runs the collective together with a group of like-minded friends and DJs. MiniCulture began to grow and more parties and raves came out of the ground. People talk about a certain “vibe” that comes along on the dance floor at their parties. With highlights like the annual hosting of a stage on the Liberation Day Festival in Wageningen, the collective shows their passion and feel for underground clubbing music.

Cal began to develop a style of his own when he got the chance to share his particular selection of music. With an influence that floats between Italo Disco, Downbeat, Electro, Wave, and Trance music, he likes to play with the energy of tracks to create a certain surprise.

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